Crit’air is France’s scheme to reduce vehicle carbon emissions within urban environments.  The scheme was developed by the French Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with the French Ministry of the Interior and came into force in January 2017.

To drive within one of six French cities, you need to display your CRIT-air sticker (certificate).  The cities currently covered include Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Lille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Chambery, and Marseille.

Depending on how your vehicle is classified, you may not be able to enter central Paris (for instance) or drive in the city during high-pollution episodes.  For more information on these restrictions, visit France’s environmental transition ministry here.

Cars registered outside France are not exempt, so if you’re planning on driving to any of the above French cities, you’ll need to pick one up.  They cost just €3.11 plus postage.  

The certificates come in the form of circular, colour-coded windscreen stickers (vignettes) that designate the level of emissions your vehicle produces.

Where do I get the Crit’Air sticker?

You can order the stickers online.  They cost just €3.11 plus postage and last indefinitely.  They are supposed to arrive within 30 days, but you should allow six weeks, just in case.

Before you apply, make sure you have your vehicle registration documents and license plate number to hand, as you’ll need these to complete the online application.  

You’ll need to make a PDF of JPEG scan of your registration document.

The process is simple.  You just need to supply the following information and the system will order and send you the correct vignette (sticker) for your vehicle.  Make sure you affix this somewhere highly visible on your front windscreen.

Have the following information to hand when you apply:

  • Vehicle type, make and model
  • Fuel type
  • Registration date (and date of first registration if bought second hand)
  • Registration number (license plate)
  • Certificate Issuing Country

You can order the certificates and find all the information you need here.


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