What could be more magical than Disneyland in Paris? Just be prepared, if planning to drive a vehicle there you may need a Crit’Air certificate

What is a Crit’Air certificate?

The Crit’Air pass is an Air Quality Certificate that assures your vehicle passed environmental emissions standards. It’s required to be displayed and visible on any vehicle traveling through France’s Environmental Zones. While permanent Environmental Zones are found only in central Paris, Grenoble and Lyon, at least 20 other French cities are developing some type of protective emissions zones. 

Disneyland, located in Chessy, is not yet inside France’s Environmental Zones. In fact, Disneyland is about 32 kilometers east of Paris, well outside the Environmental Zone. But if you expect to visit central Paris, or as more cities are added, you’ll need a current Crit’Air sticker on your vehicle when passing through Environmental Zones. 

How do I purchase a Crit’Air certificate?

Visit the official Crit’Air certification site and follow their directions. You’ll need to allow 10 days for mailed delivery of the Crit’Air sticker. The cost is €3.11 if within France, or € 4.51 if outside of France. 

If you’re renting a car in France to get to Disneyland, check with the car rental agency to assure their Crit’Air pass is up to date. If your vehicle is not registered in France, your first step is to send Crit’Air a copy of your car’s registration certificate as a .pdf, .png or .jpeg attachment, not to exceed 400KB.

The information needed to qualify for the Crit’Air certificate will be indicated in field V9 of your car’s registration certificate. If the vehicle doesn’t meet environmental standards, it will not be permitted inside the zones. 

Ready for Disneyland?

If you plan to drive through central Paris, then make sure you apply for the Crit’Air pass in time.


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