Crit’Air Toulouse

Toulouse is a beautiful city in the south of France. To help retain its beauty and clean atmosphere, the French government requires vehicles to have a Crit’air sticker. The Crit’air system is a way for the government to regulate and measure how many emissions a vehicle produces. The certificates are required for both residents and visitors.

The Crit’air stickers come in six categories:

  • Green. The green certificates are for fully electric vehicles or cars that don’t produce any emissions. 
  • Purple. Purple certificates are given to hybrid, Euro 5, and Euro 6 petrol vehicles.
  • Yellow. These stickers are for Euro 4 petrol cars, and Euro 5 and 6 diesel vehicles.
  • Orange. The orange certificate is given to Euro 2 and Euro 3 petrol cars, and Euro 4 diesel automobiles.
  • Dark Red. This sticker is for Euro 3 diesel cars.
  • Dark Blue. Dark blue certificates are only for Euro 2 diesel vehicles.

Some vehicles registered before 1997 are completely barred from driving in Toulouse. 

How To Get a Crit’air Sticker for Toulouse

Thanks to the use of online applications, getting a Crit’air sticker for Toulouse is incredibly quick and easy. You can apply for yours directly on the French government’s website. All you need for your application is your vehicle registration and a few bits of personal information. 

The certificate costs €3.11 plus shipping. Since getting your sticker can take up to 6-weeks, it’s best to start the application as soon as possible. The application is in English and you can get assistance directly on the website if you get stuck. 

What if I Don’t Have a Crit’air Sticker?

Driving without a Crit’air sticker in Toulouse can result in a fine of between €68 and €135. Considering how easy and affordable getting the sticker is, it’s definitely worth it if you plan on taking your vehicle to Toulouse.