Crit’Air Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a German-bordering city and manufacturing and engineering centre that holds the official France seat on the European Parliament. Culturally, Strasbourg is known for its rich arts scene, flourishing with music institutions and fine arts museums. It’s also a major river, road, and rail transportation hub, which has sparked concern for air pollution as a result of the industry. 

Help preserve the beautiful city of Strasbourg and the air we breathe by making sure your vehicle complies with European emission standards. You can do this by getting and displaying a Crit’Air sticker (don’t worry, it’s very easy and inexpensive). Displaying this sticker on your vehicle is required when driving in Strasbourg. If you don’t, you may get a fine.

You’ll need a Crit’Air sticker for each road vehicle you drive, even if it’s a two-wheeled or commercial vehicle. If your vehicle is registered outside of France, you still need to display the sticker when driving through Strasbourg. The sticker has to be placed on the lower right-hand corner of your windshield, and it’s valid for the entire lifespan of your vehicle (as long as it’s legible). The Crit’Air sticker is also valid in other regions in France, so you won’t need a different one for each city you visit. There are six different kinds of stickers, each corresponding to a vehicle class that’s defined by its air pollutant emissions. If your vehicle is at the most compliant level, you may even get some nice benefits like preferential parking or traffic conditions.

Want to order a Crit’Air sticker? Visit the Crit’Air website for more details and instructions.