Crit’Air Paris

Do I need a Crit’Air sticker to drive in France? Yes.

Do I need a Crit’Air sticker for Paris? Yes.

If you’re planning on driving your vehicle inside of Paris city limits anytime soon, it’s important to note that the recently implemented Crit’Air sticker requirements require all vehicles entering Paris to have a sticker displayed.

Failure to do so will result in a fine of €68 for cars and motorbikes, or €135 if you’re driving a truck. This is a significant price to pay when the fine for not having a seatbelt or not having your vehicle headlights turned on is only €35.

What Is A Crit’Air Anti-Pollution Sticker?

The Crit’Air sticker is a French air quality certificate system that ranks vehicles in different French cities based on their emissions on a scale of 0-10 depending on pollution levels. 

For example, one of the stickers requires you to have a combined city/highway gas mileage of 30 miles per gallon or less, and the sticker’s color is based on the lower of the two mpg numbers. If you’ve got a vehicle that gets 20 mpg city and 30 mpg highway, you’ll be required to have a white sticker.

The higher the number the cleaner the car. Think of it as an anti-pollution sticker!

Vehicles that do not meet the Crit’Air standard must not be driven in busy Paris traffic. The main idea behind this is to help reduce air pollution in Paris.

Where Can You Buy Crit’Air Stickers In France?

The Crit’Air anti-pollution vehicle sticker is available at car dealerships, online, and at auto parts and home improvement stores. You can buy them before driving at a number of locations across France, as long as the store is a registered Crit’Air partner.