Crit’Air Marseille

What is a Crit-Air Sticker?

A Crit-Air air quality certificate, known as “Certificat qualité de l’air” in France, is a type of sticker that is issued to drivers in France to show that a vehicle is compliant with European emission regulations. All vehicles in Marseille are subject to these regulations, from motorcycles to privates cars to commercial buses and trucks.

The Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth is used in France to provide benefits to owners of vehicles that have minimal emissions. The Crit’Air stickers are designed to identify six different levels, from Electric (the green sticker, which identifies electric vehicles with no emissions) to 5 (the grey sticker, which identifies diesel or commercial vehicles with high emissions). France has various emissions zones, so some vehicles may not be allowed in such areas.

Do I Have to Have a Crit-Air Sticker When Driving in Marseille?

Yes! When driving in Marseille, your dashboard-mounted Crit’Air sticker is designed to identify whether or not you have a low-emission vehicle. This is mandatory. 

The Crit-Air system is designed to restrict the use of highly pollutive vehicles in tight urban areas to reduce overall pollution. To put it simply, the Crit’Air system helps keep the environment in Marseille clean and benefits owners of low-emission vehicles. Electric car owners can even enjoy free parking in different areas of Marseille. Drivers can easily purchase their stickers online for a small fee. Keep Marseille clean by having your vehicle tested and getting your Crit’Air certificate today!