Crit’Air Grenoble

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you’ll need a Crit’air sticker if you want to take your vehicle to Grenoble. The French government uses the stickers to categorize vehicles based on how many emissions they create in an attempt to reduce air pollution. Some vehicles may be restricted from entering Grenoble if they produce too many emissions. 

If you’re planning on taking your vehicle to Grenoble, continue reading below to see how to get your Crit’air sticker. 

Where To Get a Crit’air Sticker for Grenoble

You can apply for a Crit’air certification directly on the official Crit’air website. The online application is incredibly simple and in English. All you need to start your application is your vehicle registration and a few bits of personal information. The price of the sticker is €3.11 (plus shipping). 

The application process can take up to 6-weeks, so make sure you get started on it right away if you’re planning to go to Grenoble. 

What Is the Fine for Not Having a Crit’air Sticker? 

If you drive your vehicle without a Crit’air vehicle, you may be subjected to pay a fine of anywhere between €68 and €135. Since the application is extremely easy, there’s no reason not to get your certificate before entering the city. 

What’s more, is that most vehicles registered before 1997 are completely barred from driving in Grenoble during specific hours. If you’re planning to relocate to Grenoble, be sure to check with the local laws about your vehicle. 

Additional Information 

Grenoble is a beautiful prefecture right at the base of the alps. The French government eagerly wants to preserve the location’s beauty and healthy atmosphere by enforcing the Crit’air system. Grenoble is one of many areas that require a certificate, and the government plans to add more throughout the next few years.